GISELA Application Porting FAQ

Scardaci, D. (INFN)


Abstract: The FAQ presented in this page is still under construction. We are working to provide answers (with practical examples) to all questions listed below. If your questions isn't listed, send it to diego.scardaci 'at' Also user guides taken from other EGEE' projects can be found. These guides cover different aspects of gLite grid application development like: API usage (Java), generic information on gLite 3.1, other gridification guides, the GILDA Wiki space, GISELA e-Infrastructure and GOC for users, generic gLite and OurGrid guides.

Keyword(s): GISELA ; FAQ ; application porting ; InputSandbox ; CE ; AMGA ; external libraries ; myproxy ; MPIch ; MPIch2 ; OpenMPI ; .exe .com .bat ; secure storage ; gridway ; GILDA ; OurGrid ; gLite 3.1


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