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1. Experiences of gridification of a right coideal subalgebras application and its implementation in Science Gateway / Garza, J. ; Espinoza, A. ; Lara, A. ; Cruz, J. [GISELA-TRA-2012-078]
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2. SPECFEM3D. A software package to simulate 3D seismic wave propagation / Espinoza, A. ; Cruz, J. ; Garzo, J. [GISELA-TRA-2012-075]
What is it? How does it work? What is the scope of study? What is going to be the aim?
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3. The VRC-driven GISELA Science Gateway / Scardaci, D. ; Cruz, J. [GISELA-TRA-2012-054]
Reunión primavera CUDI 22/05/2012 [...]
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4. Administración de Trabajos Grid / Cruz, J. [GISELA-TRA-2012-050]
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5. Panorama de Grid / Cruz, J. [GISELA-TRA-2012-047]
Antecedentes Introduccion a sistemas grid Conceptos Panorama general Requerimientos del Grid Infraestructura de Grid en Latino América Meedleware de Grid y gLite Descomposición por servicios Arquitectura y componentes Recursos integrados Science Gateway Conclusiones
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6. GISELA and CLARA contribution to e-Science in Latin America / Cruz, J. [GISELA-PRE-2012-064]
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7. Modelo de Servicios para Cómputo Avanzado / Barios, C. ; Bedoya, D. ; Briceño, Y. ; Cruz, J. ; et al [GISELA-PRE-2011-052]
Fulltext: Download fulltextPDF
8. Comunidad de Grid's / Cruz, J. [GISELA-PRE-2011-034]
Reunion CUDI, Primavera 2011
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9. GISELA: Grid Initiatives for e-Science Virtual Communities in Europe and Latin America: Estado Actual / Jalife, S. ; Trejo, L. ; Cruz, J. ; Marechal, B. [GISELA-PRE-2011-031]
CUDI 2011 - Reunión de Primavera Universidad de Colima (Manzanillo Colima - México)
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