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1. Success Story: Industry@Grid / Scardaci, D. ; Carvalho, D. [GISELA-TRA-2012-055]
A success story witnessing the validity of the GISELA WP3 methodology is the porting of Industry@Grid applicationon the GISELA Grid infrastructure. [...]
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2. Using a Simple Prioritisation Mechanism to Effectively Interoperate Service and Opportunistic Grids in the EELA-2 e-Infrastructure / Brasileiro, F. ; Gaudencio, M. ; Silfa, R. ; Duarte, A. ; et al [GISELA-PRE-2011-037]
Grids currently in production can be broadly classified as either service Grids, composed of dedicated resources, or opportunistic Grids that harvest the computing power of non-dedicated resources when they are idle. [...]
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3. e-Infrastructures for e-Science: A Global View / Andronico, G. ; Ardizzone, V. ; Barbera, R. ; Becker, B. ; et al [GISELA-PRE-2011-036]
In the last 10 years, a new way of doing science is spreading in the world thank to the development of virtual research communities across many geographic and administrative boundaries. [...]
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4. GISELA Trip Report: Conference on Role of e-Infrastructures for Climate Change Research / Carvalho, D. [GISELA-TRI-2011-012]
Role of e-Infrastructures for Climate Change Research May 16th, 2011 to May 20th, 2011 ICTP – Trieste, Italy
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5. GISELA Trip Report: EGI User Forum / Carvalho, D. ; Diacovo, R. ; Gavillet, Ph. ; Marechal, B. ; et al [GISELA-TRI-2011-011]
EGI Technical Forum 11th – 14th April 2011 Vilnius (Lithuania)
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6. GISELA D1.3 First Intermediate Activity Report - Revised version / Marechal, B. ; Gavillet, Ph. ; Hoeger, H. ; Brasileiro, F. ; et al [GISELA-DMS-2011-008]
This document describes the GISELA activities and achievements during the 2010 to February 2011). [...]
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7. GISELA Trip Report: Concertation Meeting - EGI - GISELA - CHAIN / Carvalho, D. ; Diacovo, R. ; Gavillet, Ph. ; Marechal, B. [GISELA-TRI-2011-006]
Concertation Meeting - EGI - GISELA - CHAIN 27th January 2011 NIKHEF – Amsterdam (The Nederlands) WORKSHOP ON REGIONAL INITIATIVES
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8. GISELA Trip Report: CHAIN KoM & Launch Event / Carvalho, D. ; Diacovo, R. ; Gavillet, Ph. ; Marechal, B. ; et al [GISELA-TRI-2011-004]
CHAIN KoM & Launch Event 13th - 14th December 2010 GARR & CNR (Roma)
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9. GISELA Trip Report: EGI Technical Forum 2010 / Carvalho, D. ; Diacovo, R. ; Gavillet, Ph. ; Marechal, B. [GISELA-TRI-2011-001]
EGI Technical Forum 14th - 17th September 2010 Beurs van Berlage – Amsterdam (The Nederlands)
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10. e-Infrastructure for Climate Change in Latin America / Carvalho, D. [GISELA-PRE-2011-020]
Role of e-infrastructures for Climate Change Research ICTP, Italy,16-20 May, 2011
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