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1. EGI Technical Forum / Diacovo, R. ; Gavillet, Ph. ; Hamar, V. ; Marechal, B. ; et al [GISELA-TRI-2012-018]
outGRID _ ITU High Level Workshop 20th – 21st February 2012 Geneva (Switzerland)
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2. GISELA TB Meeting Minute #21 / Hamar, V. ; Marechal, B. [GISELA-MIN-2011-038]
AGENDA: 1 [...]
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3. GISELA D6.1 1st Intermediate Report on the Joint Research Activity / Brasileiro, F. ; Hamar, V. ; Scardaci, D. ; Castro, H. ; et al [GISELA-DMS-2011-013]
This document contains an assessment of the work carried out in the context of the Joint Research Activity, Work Package 6 “Infrastructure & Application-oriented Services for User Communities” of the GISELA project during the first year of its execution. [...]
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4. DIRAC on GISELA / Hamar, V. [GISELA-PRE-2011-019]
DIRAC User Community Meeting 12th - 13th May 2011 Barcelona (Spain)
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5. GISELA Crash Programme TB Meeting Minute #12 / Hamar, V. ; Marechal, B. [GISELA-MIN-2011-020]
AGENDA: 1 [...]
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6. GISELA Crash Programme TB Meeting Minute #10 / Hamar, V. ; Diacovo, R. ; Gavillet, Ph. ; Marechal, B. [GISELA-MIN-2011-018]
AGENDA: 1. WP3 matters 2. WP4 matters
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7. DIRAC Grid Middlware Overview / Tsaregorodtsev, A. ; Hamar, V. [GISELA-TRA-2011-036]
DIRAC project was initially developed for the LHCb Collaboration as a system for massive production of the simulation data in order to design and optimize the LHCb experimental setup. [...]
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8. GISELA Kick-Off Meeting WP6 Presentation / Brasileiro, F. ; Hamar, V. [GISELA-PRE-2010-006]
Infrastructure & Application-oriented Services for User Communities. [...]
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