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11. Instructions to create an Identity Federation / Scardaci, D. [GISELA-TRA-2012-045]
- Instructions to create a multi-federation Discovery Service - Instructions to create an Identity Provider
12. Instructions to install applications for Science Gateways / Scardaci, D. [GISELA-TRA-2012-044]
- Instructions to install octave-3.2.4 - Instructions to install R-2.14.1
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13. Instructions to prepare a GILDA Tutorial for Science Gateway development / Scardaci, D. [GISELA-TRA-2012-043]
- The laboratory - Student PCs (hardware, software) - Lab facilities - Grid Services (gLite, Arc, Globus, Unicore) - Remote training and media registration
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14. Science Gateway Developer Pages / Scardaci, D. [GISELA-TRA-2012-042]
Science Gateway is a community-developed set of tools, applications, and data that is integrated via a portal or a suite of applications, usually in a graphical user interface, that is further customized to meet the needs of a specific community..
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15. WP3 User Communities Support. Achievements and Plans / Scardaci, D. [GISELA-PRE-2011-055]
Presentation based on D3.3 2nd Project Review Brussels, 08.12.2011
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16. GISELA PPR-like Action Plan / Marechal, B. ; Gavillet, Ph. ; Diacovo, R. ; Hoeger, H. ; et al [GISELA-DMS-2011-023]
This document presents the GISELA Action plan for the second year of the project and its implementation to reach the objectives of the project, on the basis of the recommendations of the Reviewers during the 1st Project Review (15/09/2011)..
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17. GISELA Answers to the First Review Report / Marechal, B. ; Gavillet, Ph. ; Brasileiro, F. ; Scardaci, D. ; et al [GISELA-DMS-2011-018]
This document presents the GISELA answers to the recommendations and comments addressed in the Technical Review Report of the GISELA First-year Review Meeting held in Brussels on the 15th of September 2011..
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18. GISELA D3.3 Revision of supported VRCs and Execution Plan for the 2nd Year / Scardaci, D. ; Díaz-Herrero, G. ; Mayo, R. ; Gavillet, Ph. ; et al [GISELA-DMS-2011-016]
This document reports the revision of supported VRCs and the execution plan for the second year of the project updated after the first project review..
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19. GISELA WP3 Meeting Minute #7 / Díaz-Herrero, G. ; Scardaci, D. ; Núñez, L. ; Marechal, B. [GISELA-MIN-2011-033]
AGENDA: 1. [...]
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20. GISELA D6.1 1st Intermediate Report on the Joint Research Activity / Brasileiro, F. ; Hamar, V. ; Scardaci, D. ; Castro, H. ; et al [GISELA-DMS-2011-013]
This document contains an assessment of the work carried out in the context of the Joint Research Activity, Work Package 6 “Infrastructure & Application-oriented Services for User Communities” of the GISELA project during the first year of its execution. [...]
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31 Scardaci, D.
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