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21. GISELA D3.2 1st Year Activity Highlights on VRCs and User Support / Ciuffo, L. ; Scardaci, D. ; Mayo, R. ; Díaz-Herrero, G. ; et al [GISELA-DMS-2011-010]
This document reports on the WP3 achievements from M1 to M12 (September 2010 - August 2011), describing the results on promoting knowledge dissemination and supporting VRCs..
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22. Supporting e-Science Applications on e-Infrastructures: Some Use Cases from Latin America / Barbera, R. ; Brasileiro, F. ; Bruno, R. ; Ciuffo, L. ; et al [GISELA-PRE-2011-038]
In this chapter, we describe a successful methodology to support e- Science applications on e-Infrastructures put in practice in the EELA-2 project co-funded by the European Commission and involving European and Latin American countries. [...]
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23. Using a Simple Prioritisation Mechanism to Effectively Interoperate Service and Opportunistic Grids in the EELA-2 e-Infrastructure / Brasileiro, F. ; Gaudencio, M. ; Silfa, R. ; Duarte, A. ; et al [GISELA-PRE-2011-037]
Grids currently in production can be broadly classified as either service Grids, composed of dedicated resources, or opportunistic Grids that harvest the computing power of non-dedicated resources when they are idle. [...]
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24. e-Infrastructures for e-Science: A Global View / Andronico, G. ; Ardizzone, V. ; Barbera, R. ; Becker, B. ; et al [GISELA-PRE-2011-036]
In the last 10 years, a new way of doing science is spreading in the world thank to the development of virtual research communities across many geographic and administrative boundaries. [...]
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25. gLite Secure Storage Service / Scardaci, D. [GISELA-TRA-2011-039]
The Secure Storage service for the gLite middleware provides users with a set of tools to store in a secure way and in an encrypted format confidential data (e.g. [...]
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26. GISELA Additional Services Overview / Scardaci, D. [GISELA-TRA-2011-037]
Joint CHAIN/GISELAEPIKH Application Porting School Valparaiso (Chile), 29.11-2010-09.12.2010
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27. GISELA Application Porting FAQ / Scardaci, D. [GISELA-TRA-2011-035]
The FAQ presented in this page is still under construction. [...]
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28. Advanced Topics: MPI jobs / Scardaci, D. [GISELA-TRA-2011-034]
Joint CHAIN/GISELA/EPIKH School for Application Porting [...]
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29. GISELA D3.1 Identification of Supported VRCs and Execution Plans for the 1st Year / Carvalho, D. ; Mayo, R. ; Scardaci, D. ; Diaz, G. [GISELA-DMS-2010-006]
This deliverable presents the initial Virtual Research Communities to be supported by GISELA, as well as the execution plans and the training agenda foreseen for the first year of the Project..
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30. GISELA WP3 Meeting Minute #2 / Scardaci, D. [GISELA-MIN-2010-008]
WP3 ordinary fortnightly meeting (OFM) minute
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31 Scardaci, D.
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